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I am committed to food. If you are too,

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Les Climats (DE), cheffing at the wine bar. Sometimes a full menu, sometimes small plates, sometimes catering for galleries and events. Market-oriented.

POP UP at Les Climats (DE), February and May 2023. Two weeks, twice, four menus, 20 seats, one woman job.

Hosilo (Reykjavik, Iceland) 2022-2023

Weekly menu conceptualisation in a team of 3 chefs, everything from prep to service, pasta and bread and ice cream and pickles and jellies and all.

Private catering (Europe) 2021-present

Dinners and lunches for groups up to 40 people, usually grazing tables, picnics, visual feasts, working with local produce as well as special goods. Sometimes vegan, sometimes a whole week.

Catering & wine for a private art collection events (Venice, IT), 2021

Trying & selecting local wines for openings, sourcing food from local markets, restaurants and bakers.

Supper Club (Berlin / Venice / Sicily / France) 2020-present

Simplicity, community, beauty.

Wine and Spirit Education Trust 3rd Diploma, 2020

Les Climats (Berlin, DE) 2020-2021

Bartending, wine tasting, cooking for private events, regular trips to Bourgogne, Beaujolais and nearby regions to taste & buy new wines.

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