Chloé Calonec is employable

I am Chloé, a semi-retired flâneur and food enthusiast. This is a picture of me at dinner in Venice, a city in which I am often found, even if I do say so myself. There exist many suspiciously similar photos of me in various other metropolitan cities of Europe, in case you were wondering. Two things I like are produce and people, and I enjoy watching them interact, from the market stall or the dusty shelf to the after-dinner tablecloth stains and everything in between. I focus on Italian and French cuisine, with some other latin influences, and the aesthetics of lost centuries. For me, an ideal day contains several hours of food shopping and preparation. Reading a few pages. Having a swim. Later, shiny shoes and setting a beautiful table. Welcoming guests and pouring some wine. I like simple, seemingly effortless beauty. I am committed to the sprezzatura. If you are too, write me a letter, give me a call:
[email protected] +33649498553
// Hosilo (Reykjavik, Iceland) 2022-2023 Weekly menu conceptualisation, everything from prep to service, pasta and bread and ice cream and pickles and jellies and all. // Private catering (Berlin / Italy) 2021-present Dinners and lunches for groups up to 40 people, usually grazing tables, picnics, visual feasts, working with local produce as well as special goods. // Catering & wine for a private art collection events (Venice, IT), 2021 Trying & selecting local wines for openings, sourcing food from local markets, restaurants and bakers. // Supper Club (Berlin / Venice / Sicily / France) 2020-present Simplicity, community, beauty. Local produce, spectacular dining, intriguing atmosphere. // Wine and Spirit Education Trust 3rd Diploma, 2020 // Les Climats (Berlin, DE) 2020-2021 Bartending, wine tasting, cooking for private events, regular trips to Bourgogne, Beaujolais and nearby regions to taste & buy new wines. // Transit Club (Chemnitz, DE) 2019 Bartending night shifts. // Café Tropismes (Montpellier, FR) 2019 Bartending in the evenings, occasionally waiting tables at lunch.
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